About Us.

What is “CozyTonyTone”?

It’s three parts, for me: CozyTony, and Tone.

Cozy” is a mindset to me. Cozy can mean so many things. Cozy could share warmth, a level of preparation, or become an overall setting.

Tony” is what my Mom screams when she finally sees all the ice I had kicked under the refrigerator. Tony is also the smoothest and funniest man I ever met, my Dad. Tony will try his hardest to make you smile and feel cozy, when near.

Tone” is what a few select important people, call me. A Tone-Setter. A higher standard. “Tone” is my driving passion and dedication for progression. I want to get better every day, for the rest of my life.

All three aspects are very important, in making who I am. I truly hope to inspire and help others seek coziness, next to happiness.